Couple with Heart

10 First Date Tips for Men

The first date is your first step to a future relationship. The first date can lead to the situation where you two will just click… or end up a complete disaster. You’ll never have … [Read More...]

How Not to Sabotage a Date

8 Sure-fire Ways to Sabotage a Date

Whether dating in New York City or Adair, Iowa (population 781), men are known to sabotage a date. Thanks to Daniel Brown of … [Read More...]

Top 5 Breakfast Ideas

Top 5 Breakfast Ideas for Healthy and Youthful Skin

It is said good health starts with a healthy breakfast. Family time can at breakfast, lunch or dinner, and why not start a … [Read More...]

Human Need of Uncertainty

The Human Need of Uncertainty and Variety

The human need of uncertainty is contradictory to our need of certainty. Human needs psychology sees that as balance. If all we have is certainty, life would be boring and we’ll … [Read More...]

Human Need of Certainty

The Human Need of Certainty and Comfort

The human need of certainty is one of the most fundamental needs in human needs psychology. We want to feel safe, secure, … [Read More...]

6 Human Needs

The 6 Human Needs of Human Needs Psychology

There are 6 human needs that drive our behaviors. Human Needs Psychology sees these six human needs as profound motivations … [Read More...]

Basil Chiffonade

Cooking Technique – Basil Chiffonade

I like using a basil chiffonade. Very simply it is cutting a leafy food into thin strips. It is attractive, and when used with an aromatic herb like basil, it helps the dish you … [Read More...]


Use Herbs to Gourmet Your Home Cooking

I use herbs and spices frequently. As the founder of the Home Cooking Academy, I am constantly working on cooking projects. … [Read More...]

Knife Cuts - Julienne

Culinary Knife Cuts from Allumette to Julienne

In a restaurant, culinary knife cuts have to be precise. Culinary knife cuts offer a standardization to meal preparation. Any … [Read More...]

Open Book

Being an Open Book is Smart in a Relationship

Being an open book is a reference to not having secrets. Relationship experts agree it is best to be open and not hide things from your partner. Being secretive or hiding things is … [Read More...]

Stay-at-home mom

5 Relationship Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms to Avoid Regret

Stay-at-home moms have a difficult job. The relationship between husband and wife changes dramatically when a working wife … [Read More...]

Relationship Mistakes

6 Relationship Mistakes Women Make That Lead to Divorce

Both men and women make relationship mistakes that lead to divorce. Teresa Atkin from recently wrote an … [Read More...]

How to Improve Communication Skills

8 Tips How to Improve Communication Skills – Part 2

Learning how to improve communication skills are at the heart of quality personal and work relationships. In the first part I covered the first 4 communication skills. Respond - … [Read More...]

How to Improve Communication Skills

8 Tips How to Improve Communication Skills – Part 1

Learning how to improve communication skills are at the heart of quality personal and work relationships. When one can convey … [Read More...]

Hearing You Say That...

Hearing You Say That…

A powerful communication tip is to repeat a part of what the other person just said. It indicates you are present in the … [Read More...]

Blue Cheese Bread Wine

Danish Blue Cheese on Bread with Red Wine

I love a good treat now and then. I like all kinds of cheeses. Lately I've been experimenting with several different kinds. If you like cheeses, it's a great way to treat yourself. … [Read More...]

2011 Cookware Guide

Your Cookware Helper Version 2 Released

Started in June 2008, the Your Cookware Helper website,,  was created to offer a new point of view … [Read More...]

Students Working

My Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, NY Visit – Part 2

In this Part 2 of my Culinary Institute of America visit, I'll show several pictures of inside Roth Hall, the classrooms, … [Read More...]

Online Schools Texting Infographic

Texting and Driving Facts Infographic

These texting and driving facts are scary. While teens and adults are addicted to texting and mobile phones, their use while driving is simply dangerous. Here is an infographic … [Read More...]


New Carnegie Mellon Study Finds Dangers in Multitasking

Multitasking from frequent use of texting, mobile phones and social networks decreases productivity by 20% according to a new study at Carnegie Mellon University.  The New York … [Read More...]


Multitasking and Digital Stress INFOGRAPHIC

More research on the effects of multitasking shows our brains are not designed to handle multitasking. Frequent multitaskers have trouble filtering out irrelevant data, choosing … [Read More...]


The Dangers of Multitasking INFOGRAPHIC

Only 2% can successfully multitask. The remaining 98% of us try and suffer the consequences. With the rise of so many digital products vying for our attention we move from one … [Read More...]

Levels of Conflict and Outcomes

The Benefits of Low Conflict Two Parent Households

Relationship quality and low conflict two parent households are key components in a child's well-being. Studies are now measuring not just whether a child is raised in a two-parent … [Read More...]