Being an Open Book is Smart in a Relationship

Being an open book is a reference to not having secrets. Relationship experts agree it is best to be open and not hide things from your partner. Being secretive or hiding things is a quick way to have a relationship spiral out of control. When a partner does not open up or reveal everything, trust […]

6 Relationship Mistakes Women Make That Lead to Divorce

Both men and women make relationship mistakes that lead to divorce. Teresa Atkin from recently wrote an article about the 6 mistakes women make that lead to divorce. I found the article interesting and insightful, but I didn’t agree with it 100%. As readers of know, I focus on family meals, the core […]

15 of the Best Conversations to have during Family Meals to Build Loving and Strong Family Relationships

Successful family meals require more than just food on the table. The family dinner in particular is an opportunity to build loving and strong family relationships. With technology invading our homes, the family dinner is a time for old-fashioned face-to-face communication. Such communication should target the necessary topics to foster love, cooperation and family bonds. […]

Magic Trick Shows Secret to a Happy Marriage

Here’s a magic trick and relationship tip all in one! Magician Rich Ferguson cleverly narrates several key things to remember when in a marriage. Enjoy!

How to Avoid and Resolve Financial Problems in Marriage

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